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Key Differences- .COM domain vs .NET domain

In your website domain name plays a big role whether it is with .COM domain extension or .NET domain extension or any else domain extension. Because domain name extension gives the idea to the user what kind of website it is without opening it.

But the user is not able to guess the idea when you select the wrong domain name extension. We need .COM domain and we select .NET domain. Then obviously nobody is able to guess the right idea of your website. And it also decreases your traffic.

So, the Right choice of domain name extension is very important for your business growth. Here in this article, we will discuss the most used two extensions, the .COM domain, and the .NET domain.


First, we will discuss what are these domain name extensions? Next Which business suits what domain name extension?

What is the .COM domain name extension?

.COM domain name extension is intended for commercial use that is for companies. RFC-1591 (Domain Name System Structure and Delegation) created it, especially for commercial purposes. This was the most used domain over the internet while other extensions were not there. Hence there was a lot of load on RFC to manage it.

So, they decided to create other extension and registered this for commercial entities.

What is the .NET domain name extension?

According to RFC-1591(Domain Name System Structure and Delegation), the .NET domain name extension is holding for network providers. It is intended for NIC, NOC computers, cable providers, network providers, email service providers, etc. This is the alternative of .COM domain name extension.

Before .NET only .COM domain extension was there for every kind of business.

When should you choose .COM domain and .NET domain name extension?

As we know .COM domain and .NET domain extensions are very popular domains for today. Both are highly used over the internet and comes under TLD(Top-Level-Domain). But still, there are some certain conditions where we should use .COM domain and where we should use the .NET domain extension.

Let’s dive into deeper:

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.COM domain covers all business websites such as large organizations or companies’ websites. Websites for a personal blog, portfolio, which make money online, and many more.

While the other hand .net domain stands for “network” and covers all websites which are related to network providers, email service providers, NIC & NOC computer providers, internet providers, etc.

You should go for .COM extension when your business fits into it. If your business is a large organization or company. It should represent your business as a commercial business. The .COM extension makes your website’s name professional.

Example: Organization_Name.com(abc.com)

On the other hand, you should go for a .NET domain extension when your business is related to internet provider networking services provider, email services provider, computer NIC & NOC provider, etc. Overall, it should fit into your business. It makes your website name premium.

Example: Internet_Provider_Name.net(abcnetworkservices.net)

Key difference between .COM domain & .NET domain extension:

.COM domain name extension Pros & Cons:

  • It is for commercial business sites.
  • It is widely used and easy to remember.
  • Total 145.4 million are there on the internet as per March 2020 report.
  • It is not an easily available domain extension.
  • It has dedicated keyboard support on mobile.
  • Gives a professional stamp to your business website.
  • It is good for SEO.
  • Only for commercial sites (and not for non-profit sites).
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other TLD.

.NET domain name extension Pros & Cons:

  • Best for network or internet providers.
  • It is also widely accepted.
  • Total 13.4 million are there on the internet as per March 2020 report.
  • It is an easily available domain extension.
  • Gives premium stamp to network & internet business websites.
  • Ranks in SEO similar to .com.
  • It is a common extension for technology firms only.
  • It is not expensive as compared to other TLD.
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We have discussed key differences between the .COM domain and .NET domain extensions in detail. We also discussed what are these domain extensions and which business suits what domain extension? If this article is not cleared your doubts, you can let us know in the comment section.

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