Domain Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The domain is the identity of every website on the world wide web. Without a domain name, no website can keep its existence on WWW. So, Domain is the primary thing for websites. And when something is primary, then there might be many questions as well. Domain frequently asked questions(FAQs) comes into existence to help users to solve their queries.

Domain FAQs

Because Domain FAQs are also a necessary part of the domain for a website. Nobody knows when a problem will arise and how? But to solve that problem we should have something handy. But there are certain problems that most users face and post their queries on different-different forums and websites for answers like Quora, Medium, Reddit, and many more.

Most users answer these questions, and when a particular solution works. Everybody tries those solutions when they face the same problem. So one answer helps many users when they face that problem. So this is how the FAQs help. Domain FAQs contain only domain-related questions and their answers.

According to the latest report of Google, many users globally search many domain FAQs every minute. Because as we discussed earlier domain is primary for website and if anybody faces any problem related to the domain. They try to solve it ASAP, so their site can be live as soon as possible. Because if a huge traffic’s website goes down for a few minutes. Its traffic can divert. So everybody tries to keep their website live every single minute.

Here we created a Domain FAQs section on our website Thecouponkingdom.

We covered most of the frequently asked questions of the domain. So, now instead of going on different websites for each problem, you will get all solutions here on a single page. You only need to search your problem and see the respective solution.

In case if you do not find your question in the list. You can send your questions to us for an answer. Go to the contact us form and send your query to us. We will answer your question ASAP and also will post the answer on our website’s FAQ section. You can visit our Blog Section for full articles on the listed FAQs.

Domain Frequently Asked Questions

Want to start your own web hosting business, but don't have a huge amount to invest. Don't worry here is the best option for you. If you want to own a business, then go for a reseller web hosting business. Here investment cost is less, and you can easily own a business.

To start this business you need to follow below steps:

  1. First, research the domain and web hosting providers.
  2. Try to find how many domains and hosting providers give facility of reseller web hosting.
  3. Choose the best one from the select sellers.
  4. Apply for the reseller hosting plan according to your budget.
  5. Here you go now you can customize your web hosting plans according to you and can sell.
  6. The best thing about this business is that you can use your own name and logo to sell domain names and hosting plans.

If you want to know in detail about reseller web hosting business you can check out the below article:

Make money with Reseller hosting easily in 2021

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No .COM is not a domain it is a domain name extension. There is a difference between a domain name and a domain name extension. The extension is the thing that tells about the business type. It tells, What kind of domain is best fit for what business?

Here.COM extension tells about commercial websites, so commercial is the type of business. The .ORG extension is for the organization's website and many more.

While, If we talk about domain name it is the identifier of your website on the internet. 

For example ""

Here "thecouponkingdom" is the domain name, and ".COM" is the domain name extension. The domain name is the identity of this website, and the domain name extension is the type of website or business. 

You can visit the below article for more knowledge on domain name extensions. And which domain is for what business?

Which Domain name you should choose a .COM, .ORG, or .NET?

Every domain name is best. But it depends on your business, which domain is best for you? Because domain name extension tells about the business type. If you are looking for a domain name for your retail or product selling website then go for .COM domain. If looking for an organization's website then go for .ORG extension. Sam like you can go for .NET if you are an internet provider or running a network company.

Before choosing any extension read the below article to get enough detail about domain name extensions.

Which Domain name you should choose a .COM, .ORG, or .NET?

If you have transferred your domain name from one account to another account or one vendor to another vendor. Then it won't affect your website. Your website will work fine and smoothly. And if you want to edit your website, then the procedure will remain the same.

Website editing depends on the hosting vendor, not on the domain vendor. So, you just need to use the procedure to edit the website from hosting. If your website is created in WordPress. Then you can use the below URL in any browser's URL bar: domain_name/wp-admin

It will prompt for your WordPress username and password. Enter your username and password it will redirect you to the WordPress dashboard. From the dashboard, you can manage your whole WordPress website. 

But, In case if you transfer your website from one hosting to another hosting. Then website editing procedure will remain the same. After successfully transfer you just need to check the first website is working fine or not. If your website is developed in .net or PHP you can go to file manager of new hosting. And for wordpress, you just need to type the above-discussed address in the URL bar.

If you are new and want to purchase a domain name but getting confused. Here is the article that helps you to choose the best domain name from different-different vendors:

Tips For Creating The Best Domain Names in 2021

Yes, It is possible to have a website domain that can be from another vendor and hosting from a different vendor. It means it is not necessary to have a domain and hosting company name the same. Both can be different for website development.

And it happens in most cases, Most users purchase both things from different vendors wherever they get these things at cheaper prices.

While always price should not be a concern. There are several other factors and they follow those factors like speed, uptime, customer service, and all.

Eventually, you will be accessing your website files from hosting only. So hosting matters a lot to us, and it is always be chosen using the above-said factors.  

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If you are running a website on a particular domain name and you have achieved the high DA. But after some time, your domain has expired, But you could not renew it on the same day or after 2-3 days. Later you rejuvenated the same domain name and created a new website. It will not decrease your DA(Domain Authority).

Your DA will decrease when you do not maintain the SEO for your new website. It will decreases if you do not follow Google's guidelines. You will have to proper Google's guidelines and need to maintain the same SEO status.

It all comes under the black hat SEO strategy. But as we know, we should follow black hat SEO while keeping all of Google's terms in mind.

You can visit our below article on the SEO guide. This article will give you a piece of detailed knowledge about all SEO strategies.

SEO in 2021 (Search Engine Optimization) Beginner’s Guide

If your website is not appearing in search results, there might be few reasons for it. First, maybe your website is not indexed on Google. You need to check your Google search console. Is your website crawled or not.

If your website crawled and not indexed, then check your robot.txt file. It might be blocking your indexing. If it is not then, you have to check your sitemap.xml file.

Check all the links are there in the sitemap.xml file. If you have not generated it yet, you can create it easily by going through the below article.

How to Create an SEO-Boosting XML Sitemap in 20 Minutes

After creating it, upload it in the public_html folder of your file manager. In the next step, go to the Google search console. Choose sitemap and enter the URL like below format:

Example: your_domain_name_url/sitemap.xml

Hit submit button, now if you see success wait for the next crawl of Google. It may be any time. Google can crawl on the same day or later. Keep checking by searching on google using similar keywords.

After doing this still your website does not come in the search list, and your website is in WordPress. Then you have to check one setting in your WordPress dashboard.

Go to your WordPress dashboard. Right-click on the settings menu and select the "Reading" option. It will open a new page check there the below box is unmarked:

Search engine visibility

If it is marked, unmark it and save the setting. Once you did this, Google will start crawling your website.

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