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Domain name server (DNS): Steps to change DNS in GoDaddy

In this digital world, everyone wants to expand their business using the internet. To expand the business over the internet you create your business website, and for this, you also need to buy a domain and hosting from domain-hosting sellers. And, to link both things we need a Domain Name Server (DNS) that the hosting sellers provide.

Domain name server plays a vital role to link your domain with hosting. Without it, you can not link your domain with hosting. Domain seller also provides some default domain name servers which come with your domain to display some dummy data when you open it in the browser.

But to display your content that you are going to publish using our hosting you need to link your domain with your hosting is necessary.

Before going deeper we will understand what is DNS and why it is important?

What is a Domain Name Server (DNS)?

A domain name server is a system that lets you connect your website to a domain that is human-readable URL like (thecouponkingdom) with the unique ID of servers where your website resides. It works as the internet’s phonebook where it lists the domain name with their corresponding unique IP addresses.

Domain Name Server

So, when a user enters the domain name in any web browser it checks this domain in the internet’s phonebook and connects it to its corresponding IP address that is an address of a physical location.

Why a domain name server is important?

Internet is a giant network of computer systems. Each device that is connected to the internet has a unique IP address that helps to identify it on the internet. The same happens in the case of DNS there are many active domains over the internet. But using a domain we want to access some particular things that are decided by the DNS only.

Because DNS connects your domain to a specific hosting where your website files present. So It works as an IP address between domain and hosting connection.

How does domain name server work?

A domain name server is a key(IP address) that lets you know what resources are accessible using a domain name. When you type a domain name in the browser it just checks the DNS directory where all Domain and hosting(IP address) are linked and open the corresponding IP address resources.

DNS has distributed directory system which is not located in a single place. It is distributed hence, there is no massive directory.

Now, we will discuss how we can change the Domain name server(DNS) in GoDaddy.

1. How to find Domain name server (DNS):

To find DNS it depends on where you purchased your hosting plan from. Because when you buy hosting the hosting sellers send you one mail where they send the DNS as well. If they do not mention the domain name server or nameservers in the mail you then have to log in to “CPanel” to find the DNS.

Below a sample mail is shown where DNS’s are highlighted in the box.

DNS Mail

Note: If you do not find the DNS in the mail check your CPanel for DNS. The domain name server must be there in the side panel or must be there DNS option.

2. Steps to change DNS in GoDaddy:

  1. Now go to the Godaddy portal where you have purchased the Domain name. Login with to registered mail ID, it will show you the below interface. Then click on the highlighted option.

2. The highlighted option is nothing it is the username of your Godaddy account. In the next step click on the “My Products” option.

Godaddy2 My products

3. After clicking on it, it will show you the list of all the domain which you have purchased using this Godday account. Choose that domain name that you want to link with your hosting. On the right side in front of the domain name, the “DNS” (domain name server) option is there click on it.

DNS(Domain name server)

4. It will show you this below interface after scrolling the window a little bit. In the nameservers (domain name server) list, some default name servers must be given there 2-4 nameservers. There one button is given that is “Change”. Click on this button to change the default nameservers with the new hosting nameservers.

Change Nameserver

5. Once you click on the “Change” button the below screen appears. Where you have to choose the option “I’ll use my own nameservers”. After choosing it, it allows you to enter your new nameservers. Enter all the nameservers(domain name server) as shown below and hit the “Save” button.

Domain name server save

6. After hitting the “Save” button it will give you a popup window to make sure you want to change your nameservers.

The added nameservers can take up to 24 hours to reflect. But mostly it takes less than 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes or 24 hours, you can check the changes just by typing the domain name in the browser’s it will display the new content which is uploaded to the hosting server.

It is time, to sum up, this article, I hope this article is helpful for those who do not know how to change DNS in GoDaddy.

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