Hosting Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

When it comes to website development hosting is also an essential thing. But before going for any hosting most searches for hosting frequently asked questions(FAQs). Hosting questions also have a variety of categories. Because different people search for different queries or questions, sometimes it could be related to hosting price, and sometimes, it could be related to hosting or deployment issues.

Hosting FAQs

So this is the reason there are a lot of hosting articles published on different websites or blogs. By the way, most hosting sellers provide their hosting-related articles. In case, if any buyer faces any problem they can see their articles to solve that frequently arisen problem.

Hence you will find 50% hosting FAQs on hosting sellers’ websites. While many people are running their blogs or personal websites to provide the solutions to these hosting FAQs. Even some blogs are getting traffic in millions every month. Traffic depends on the content quality. If they are getting huge traffic, they must be providing better or excellent content on their websites or blog.

Moreover, they are providing what actually user is looking for? Hosting FAQs answers should be short and clear. Here on our website have a list of certain hosting FAQs. Which are the most searched questions on every search engine. Without going to different-different websites for different-different questions you will get here most of your question’s answers.

What do you need to do?

You only need to search your questions from the list and check the respective answer. Thecouponkingdom has the best FAQs collection related to hosting, and other topics as well such as domain, SEO, digital marketing, etc. For every single problem, we also have the full article, and the respective full article link is given in each article at the end. So if you are not satisfied with the given answer you can check out the full article.

In case if you do not find your questions in the list, You can send your questions to us for the answer using the contact us form.

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

By the way, there are two options for affiliate marketing. The first one is to promote the products through blog writing, while another one is to promote the products through social media marketing.

Both ways are effective ways, but which one is easy, and I'll tell you here. If you promote the products through social media marketing you need to share everything with the buyer of the product directly or indirectly. But on social media marketing, it is very hard to target genuine buyers.

Because on the social media platform several people are not interested to buy things, They just come there for entertainment. So to change their mood from entertainment to force to buy something is a very time-consuming process.

While on another hand through blog writing you just need to write an article on the product usage, and why it is best that's it. Do SEO of your blog and leave it to Google or another search engine. Now interested buyer will come through the article and after going through the article if he finds the product is good he or she immediately buy it.

So here the process is short and less time-consuming. Overall blog writing is the best way of affiliate marketing. But to start it through a blog or website. We need to create our blog or website and hence we need a domain name and hosting.

For blog writing domain names and web hosting are the primary components. I hope it is clear why we need a domain name and web hosting and when? You can check out our below affiliate marketing article to know about affiliate marketing in detail. You can subscribe to our newsletter for the latest articles on Affiliate marketing, domain, hosting, and SEO tools. 

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When you purchase a web hosting plan from any hosting provider
they give you web storage and RAM according to the plan that you choose. If you purchase a plan for a month they will assign particular web storage and RAM to you for a month only, If it is for a year then it will be assigned to you for a year only.

But web hosting companies never give that web storage and RAM to you for a lifetime. It will be there for you until or unless you are paying for it. Once you stop paying you will not be able to access that provided web storage and RAM.

In case, your plan gets expired and you don't renew it. Some companies keep your data for 30 days some keep it for 90 days. And after that keep sending you emails and messages, that your plan has expired please renew it otherwise after 30 or 90 days, your data will be wiped out from our storage or system.

So eventually we know any company never provides web storage for a lifetime. For more questions and answers you can visit our FAQs section.


It will not be the right thing to suggest one particular hosting provide and one web hosting plan. It entirely depends on the need of your android app-admin panel.

How many requests your admin panel will server what will be the frequency and all. So, it is all about the traffic on your android application or we can say it is all about your android application users.

If you created a new android application and it does not have a great reach to the audience then you can go for the shared hosting plan. But if you are sure that your application will be used by many users then you should go for a dedicated hosting plan. Later you can switch to cloud hosting for speed and on-demand service.

So, you have to consider the above factors before going for a web hosting plan. If we talk about the hosting providers there are many hosting providers that are best in some specific thing. hence, it is up to which one suits your need? You can go through the below article and then can choose one of the best hosting providers.

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Yes, When you go for paid hosting storage is important. However, it depends on your website needs. Suppose you are a new person who wants to start a blog, then there is no need for much storage.
In starting your site size will be less because your content will be less on your website apart from this your audience reach also will be less.

Once you start uploading more content on your website, and your site size started increasing then there might be a need for more storage otherwise don't.

So overall it depends on your website size and your website traffic. If you are already running a blog or website, and you have a larger audience reach along with your extensive website size. Then you should go for more storage.

There are other factors also you should consider in paid hosting such as RAM, Free business email, supported databases, SSL certificate, etc. For more questions and answers on hosting you can check out our FAQs section.


Generally, web hosting transfer takes 1-24 hours. But sometimes it depends on the transferring method as well. Suppose you are transferring your website from GoDaddy web hosting to Hostinger web hosting. Then there must be 2-3 different methods to transfer your website from one host to another host.

I would suggest you go with that method which is available in the new hosting provider. So here hostinger gives you a website migration option. Where you just need to enter the old hosting provider name, username, and password the rest Hostinger team will take care.

But this method could take up to 24 hours but this is a safe method. There are some other ways as well they can migrate your website from one host to another in less time but they can be a little bit tricky.

For more questions and answers, please do visit our FAQs section.


Yes, you can keep your domain name without hosting for 5 or more years. But there is one condition you have to purchase 5 or more years plan for that particular domain. In case if you purchase a 1-year plan then after every one 1 year you have to renew it. This you have to do before expiring your first 1-year plan.

That is how there are many people are earning from domain reselling. People purchase domain names and do not use them. When someone searches for the same domain, most domain providers company let them know you can purchase this already taken domain as well with some extra cost.

If you like this provided information. You must visit our FAQs section for more questions and answers.


In dedicated hosting, a physical server is dedicated to a single customer. So, it means the customer will have full control of that server. Customers can optimize it accordingly. But this hosting plan is a very high price plan.

We never should go for this when we start s simple blog website or affiliate marketing website. Once we start getting high traffic on our website then we can switch to a dedicated hosting plan.

Big companies use this plan for their web application. But nowadays every company is using cloud hosting for flexibility. You can find more answers to such questions in the FAQS section.


Yes, You can run two domains on one Linux shared hosting. But a condition is that you have to purchase Linux shared hosting that allows you to host multiple websites. Because Linux shared hosting has different types of web hosting plans.

It could be for 1 website, 5 websites, or unlimited websites. So it depends on your plan. If you purchase a plan that allows you to host only one website then you can not run two different domains on it. But you can run both domains at a time by making one of them a sub-domain.

But if you want to run both domains independently, then you have to buy a hosting plan that allows you to host multiple websites. For more frequently asked questions you can visit our FAQs section.