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Does Hosting Server location matter for Google & website’s SEO?

When we purchase a hosting plan from any hosting seller, they give there one option that is hosting server location. Have you ever wondered why did they give that option? Does hosting server matter for Google and your website’s SEO? Does hosting server location affect the website’s speed?

To answer all your questions, we will discuss this in detail.

Almost all hosting sellers give you free hand to choose the hosting server location for your convenience. But it’s up to you what server location should you choose and how?

Hosting Server

Hosting server location plays an important role and sometimes it can also look fishy to search engines. If you operate in one country but using a host located somewhere else halfway around the world, there may be something nefarious going on. Which may affect your SEO.

Hence, the host location of your website might affect your site’s speed. Every second counts when it comes to speed. Because as per google analysis site loading time should not be greater than 3 seconds. Loading time is a major contributing factor for bounce rate and it can affect site ranking as well.

Slow-loading websites always frustrating for the users and often gives and negative impact on the users. As per Google’s latest report, 53% of site visits are abandoned if the page does not load in 3 seconds.

How you can make your website faster by choosing the right hosting server location?

One effective way to make your website faster involves your hosting server’s physical location. The hosting server location should be near your target market.

If you make sure your site loads quickly for your site visitors and customers, then provides a much better user experience all around. And creates a win-win situation for you.

Hostinger offers you the option to choose the different hosting server locations.

If your datacenter(Where your website is hosted) is closer to the site visitors, the quicker it will load for them.

Note: Hostinger gives you the choice of many different locations for the host server.

For a local business, I always recommend finding a local data center or hosting server, close by to the city or by the country where your targeted clients are present.

How Hosting server location affect the SEO?

When it comes to SEO, there are many things that you need to consider, which also involve your hosting server’s location. 

Say you are targeting Indian customers and you have a United States server and IP address. The data has to travel across the Indian Ocean, so download speed and latency will be a bit slower than if you were around the same area as your targeted market.

The further your host location is from your intended audience, the more it will impact your site’s speed. While Google also considers a site’s speed as an important ranking factor in terms of SEO.

As per Google slow-loading pages are not good for high-ranking websites and can affect their conversion rate, which will affect your SEO campaign.

“Is speed definitely a ranking factor? YES.” – John Mueller, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst

I hope it’s clear now how the host location of your website affects your business or website and it plays an important role in SEO.

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