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Hostinger Reviews 2021, A complete detailed review

Reviews are very helpful to take a wise decision whenever we buy something whether online or offline. In this article, I’ll talk about the Hostinger reviews. I will give you a detailed review of Hostinger’s products and services. I make sure you will like it.

First, let’s discuss Hostinger’s products and services. Hostinger’s services are Web hosting, domain registration, and business email. While Hostinger products or portals are domain checkers and who is the database.

About Hostinger

Before going head for Hostinger review, let’s know about Hostinger. Hostinger International Ltd. is a Web hosting provider and Internet domain registrar company. It was established in 2004. Hostinger is the parent company of Weblink, 000Webhost and Niagahoster.

Now, Hostinger has over 29 million users. Apart from this, it has its subsidiaries in 178 countries. Its headquarters is in Kaunas, Lithuania. The total number of employees is 800+ (2020).

Hostinger HomePage

Hostinger’s Services Reviews

  1. Web Hosting Reviews
  2. Domain Registration Reviews
  3. Business Email Reviews

Hostinger Web Hosting Reviews

In the discussion of the Hostinger review, we will start with Hostinger’s different types of web hosting reviews. Hostinger provides many types of web hosting’s which are listed below:

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. WordPress Hosting
  4. cPanel Hosting
  5. VPS Hosting
  6. Minecraft Hosting
  7. CyberPanel VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting Reviews

Shared hosting is basically for small to medium websites. If you are a new user and want to run a blog website or any small website then the best web hosting is shared hosting for you. It will give you all the required features. Hostinger reviews are very good for shared hosting. Because uptime is very high.

Below is the screenshot of shared hosting plans and prices:

Hostinger Shared Hosting Reviews

And here is the screenshot of each plan’s features:

Hostinger Shared Hosting Features Reviews

Cloud Hosting Reviews

Cloud hosting is the fastest and expensive web hosting as compared to shared hosting. We should go for cloud hosting when we want some extra features on demand for pay peruse. Or if we have large-scale projects or business websites. Cloud hosting is a bit expensive but Hostinger cloud hosting reviews are the most rated reviews because of the best offers on cloud hosting.

Below is Hostinger’s website screenshot of cloud hosting plans and prices:

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Reviews

And here is the screenshot of each plan’s features:

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Features Reviews

WordPress Hosting Reviews

WordPress hosting is best suited for WordPress websites. It gives optimized solutions for WordPress hosting. It provides many different features and tools for WordPress websites in hosting packages like page builder, etc. Hostinger WordPress reviews are not bad because of easy website setup and lower prices.

Below is the screenshot of WordPress hosting plans and prices:

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Reviews

And here is the screenshot of each plan’s features:

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Features Reviews

cPanel Hosting Reviews

cPanel hosting is nothing but is cPanel based Web Hosting solution. It is a control panel where we can control our website easily. cPanel LLP software company designed cPanel software that gives a graphical user interface to the user for managing the website easily. Hostinger reviews about cPanel hosting are good because of the best prices.

Below is the screenshot of cPanel hosting plans and prices:

Hostinger cPanel Hosting Reviews

And here is the screenshot of each plan’s features:

Hostinger cPanel Hosting Features Reviews

VPS Hosting Reviews

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”. It depicts as a dedicated server within a shared server. It is secure and fast as compared to a shared server. VPS hosting is very popular because it provides better reliability, security, and performance than shared hosting. Hostinger provides VPS hosting at a cheap cost hence reviews are great.

Below is the screenshot of VPS hosting plans and prices (VPS1 – VPS3). Respective features are also listed here.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Reviews

Below is the screenshot of VPS hosting plans and prices (VPS4 – VPS6). Respective features are also listed here.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Reviews-2

Minecraft Hosting Reviews

Minecraft hosting is a different type of hosting which is providing by Hostinger. It is an internet hosting that allows companies or individuals to host their Minecraft game on the world wide web. Hostinger Minecraft hosting reviews are excellent because of easy setup, modpacks and plugins, fast SSD, and easy backup.

Below is the screenshot of Minecraft hosting plans and prices. Respective features are also given in the screenshot.

Hostinger Minecraft Hosting Reviews

Below is the list of two other Minecraft hosting plans and prices.

Hostinger Minecraft Hosting Reviews-2

CyberPanel VPS Hosting Reviews

CyberPanel is a different web hosting from Hostinger. It is a control panel powered by OpenLiteSpeed. Hostinger CyberPanel reviews are popular because of a lineup of notable features such as auto-backups, auto-SSL, FTP server, PHP management, and more. We can easily convert our webserver from OpenLiteSpeed to LightSpeed only with one click.

Below is the screenshot of CyberPanel hosting plans and prices (CyberPanel VPS1 – CyberPanel VPS3). Respective features are also listed here.

Hostinger CyberPanel Hosting Reviews

Below is the screenshot of CyberPanel hosting plans and prices (CyberPanel VPS4 – CyberPanel VPS6). Respective features are also listed here.

Hostinger CyberPanel Hosting Reviews-2

So, we saw what kind of web hosting Hostinger is providing and why Hostinger reviews are best? Hostinger prices are best and have different-different plans according to the usage. So, anyone can choose a plan according to their need. Now, this is time to go for other services reviews.

Hostinger Domain Registration Reviews

It is another service of Hostinger. Domain registration reviews are also too good because domain registration price is very low. It also provides a free domain on many web hosting plans. This is also the main reason for good reviews on domain registration.

Apart from this if you only want to buy a domain you can get other things as well like an SSL certificate, free business email, etc. But it all depends on the domain registration package.

Hostinger Business Email Reviews

Business email is nothing but that makes your website more professional with the extension of your domain name. Simple Gmail or other mails do not give the right impression to your users or visitors. While a business mail increases your users and visitor because it seems more professional.

Hostinger provides two types of business email services:

  1. Google Workspace Email Hosting
  2. Titan Email Hosting

Google Workspace Email Hosting

It’s the best way to create, communicate, and collaborate. Familiar tools; fewer distractions; more time to make things happen. Google workspace is provided by most of every big web hosting company. But when it comes to Hostinger, its reviews are good because its price and plan are better.

Below is the screenshot of the price and plan.

Google workspace

Titan Email Hosting

It is a dedicated hosting that works independently from web hosting. Email hosting helps to look your business professional. Email hosting provides you domain-based email boxes which are trust-building and creating crucial awareness about your brand.

Titan email hosting is a professional email hosting which is providing by the Hostinger. It provides your business email full security, instant email facility, access from mobile, can import email and contacts easily, and much more. Hostinger’s Titan email reviews are much-rated reviews on the internet today.

Below is the plan and price list that can be changed from time to time by Hostinger.

Titan Email Hosting

The other services that are provided by the Hostinger’s are

Domain Checker

It helps you to know if a domain is available that you want to purchase or not. It helps you to know the prices according to plan.

WHOIS Database

It provides you full detail about a domain when the domain is purchased and when it will expire from which vendor domain is bought and other details as well.

Domain Transfer

It is a general facility that is provided by every big vendor. It helps you to transfer purchased domains from one vendor to another vendor’s portal.

So, till now, we have discussed what servers are provided by Hostinger and how their reviews are in the Market. Now we will discuss why Hostinger’s reviews are very good in the market?

List of features which are provided by Hostinger

Excellent Customer Support

Hostinger customer support is excellent and it is 24*7 customer support for all 365 days. You can report any problem at any time from anywhere. Hostinger provides a different mode of communications such as email, customer helpdesk number, and customer support chat services. However, apart from this, there are many frequently asked questions and their answers posted on their website.

Customer Support

Best Security

Hostinger reviews are best because of the best security features. Hostinger providers many different-different tools with web hosting for better security on minimal charges. It provides you free and paid SSL certificate for your website. SSL certificate helps you to keep your website very secure.

Best Security

Better Performance & Uptime

Uptime is a very important feature for any website. Because it shows your website is available on the internet. Hosting guarantees a 99.9% server uptime rate. Websites with better uptime are considered dependable.

Better Performance

Here is the snapshot of the latest overall uptime, from the last 24 hours to 90 days. You can check the latest and real-time overall uptime from Hostinger’s website.

Maximum uptime

Good & Affordable Pricing

If we talk about Hostinger’s pricing, it is best as compared to other hosting providers in the market. So, it is the main factor that makes its reviews good.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Hostinger’s provides 30 days money-back guarantee on every service. It means if you are not satisfied with promised services or features you can take your money back in 30 days. You just need to report the issue within 30 days.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

These are the features that make Hostinger’s best in the market and hence the Hostinger’s reviews are very good. Every single service has 30 days money-back guarantee. For more details, you can read the terms and conditions on Hostinger’s website. Because they change their services time to time.

Do we recommend Hostinger’s services?

Yes, we do but we always prefer to do some inquiry about 2-3 vendors first and then go for the best one. Whoever is satisfying your web need. Do not compare on basis of a single factor. Do compare on basis of several or most important factors.

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