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What is a programming language step-by-step for beginners?

The programming language is a set of instructions that executes by a computer. As we know in daily life to communicate with anyone, we need to know a language and language is the set of words that we used to communicate with each other.

Programming language

These sets of words are instructions which help us to communicate. Overall we can say, everywhere to communicate a set of instructions is required, and this setup instructions are a language.

We, humans, communicate with each other using different-different languages region-wise. Similarly, when it comes to computers, computer parts communicate with each other using a language or set of instructions.

To communicate in English, we use A-Z all 26 characters and these 26 characters are the base of our English language. Computer language is also having something similar to English characters but not many as English. The computer only has 2 bits 1s and 0s.

And all computer communications are based on these two bits. The computer only understands this two-bit language. It can be harder for humans but still, it is easier for the computer.

So, till now we knew everyone needs a language to communicate whether it is human or machine. For humans, we call it speaking languages and for the computer, we call it programming language.

But why do we call it a programming language?

We call it programming language because if we need to pass some set of instructions to communicate with a computer, we need to write some programs. Same as if our keyboard, mouse, light pen, and other peripherals are attached to our computer and they are working.

In order to work any attached peripheral with the computer there some programming needs.

What is a programming language?

A programming language is a computer language that is a set of instructions for a computer to execute, and programmers use this language to develop computer software, tools, scripts, etc.

The programming language is a tool to write a set of instructions for a computer to follow. The computer only understands binary numbers 1s and 0s, and a programming language converts these binary numbers into human-readable language.

Now we come to if there are only 2 bits 1s and 0s in computer language then how does it understand every English and another language word? It is simple to answer this, a combination of 1s and 0s bit helps to create every word meaning in a computer.

We have discussed a computer language as a set of instructions and the way we write these instructions is a program in computer language.

Based on category programming languages are two types:

  1. High-Level Programming
  2. Low-Level Programming

We will discuss both types’ languages in detail one by one.

Types of programming language

1. High-Level Programming Language:

The high-level programming language is a language that is understandable by humans. It is a programming language but very close to human language so humans can understand it easily. But to understand this language by the computer it must need to be compiled into machine language.

A machine language is the form of any language in 1s and 0s strings. In the 1950s first, the high-level language was introduced. A high-level programming language uses words like object, class, method, function, run, compile, etc. and these words are closer to human language.

2. Low-Level Programming Language:

The low-level programming language is a computer language that is understandable by computers. It is machine language. Humans can not understand this language easily. It is very easy only for the machine while very difficult for humans.

This language is a binary language of 1 and 0 bit. Low-level programming languages provide faster execution because there is no need to compile these languages. The computer can run these languages directly.

If we talk about these programming languages in detail there are many programming languages for the different-different type of development of computer software and tools. Apart from this, we can classify these programming languages based on development languages.

Based on development languages programming languages are many types:

  1. Application Development
  2. Web Development
  3. Database Development
  4. AI Development
  5. Game Development
  6. Computer Driver & Hardware Development
  7. Script Development

This is the time to discuss the above classification in detail. Now we will discuss one by one.

1. Application Development Programming Language:

An application development programming language is a language that helps to build a daily useful application and program like a shopping app, registration app, complaint app, etc. There are many languages for this type of application development such as Java, Swift, C, C+, C#, TCL, Visual Basic, etc.

2. Web Development Programming Language:

Web development languages help to develop websites, web apps, or any program or tool that can be accessed using a web browser from anywhere. To develop these types of apps most useful languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Perl, PHP, Python, etc.

3. Database Development Programming Language:

Database development languages are very useful for every type of application whether it is any mobile app or web app to store the data. To store any data online in any app we always need database development languages. Database development languages are MySQL, SQL, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, etc.

4. AI Development Programming Language:

Artificial intelligence development languages are for catboats or any program that takes the decision itself. These programming languages are designed to develop things that can think and work like humans. The most useful languages are AIML, Prolog, Python, C, C#, C++, etc.

5. Game Development Programming Language:

Game development languages are not special languages the languages which are being used in other things development are capable to develop]m some games as well. But to develop games they use different libraries. Such languages are C, C++, C#, Java, Dark BASIC, etc.

6. Computer Driver or Hardware Development:

To develop computer drivers that help to work computer hardware and that’s why we call them hardware development languages are only a few languages in the list of programming languages and these are basics of other languages Assembly and C language.

7. Script Development Programming Language:

Script development languages are designed to make the most of IT companies work automate. These languages are to increase the productivity of any company. Below are considered languages for script development such as bash, awk, Batch file, Perl, Python, TCL, etc.

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