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Snov.io Email Finder Review: Pricing & Features…

If you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity to grow your email list as a marketer then the Snov.io email finder tool is what you are looking for.

Wouldn’t you like to reach out to favorable prospects when you find one?

But do you know that email is still the best and preferred option to contact?

85% of prospects prefer Emails over any other form of communication.

Acquiring Emails individually is an arduous task and takes many man-hours. For any prospects, finding primary email ids that could lead to big prospects or important contacts is vital.

The amount of time, money, and manpower wasted on finding the right contact information is a bootless errand.

Here comes Email Finder Tools, which help you to gather the correct and accurate contact information of any business you wish to work with. One such Email finder tool is Snovio.

This review will focus on Snovio’s key features and the price chart, which will help you to decide whether Snovio is the most suitable email finder tool for you or not.

Introduction to Snov.io Email Finder

Snov.io Email Finder Tool Review

Snov.io is an Email finder tool that provides an optimal solution for Marketers, Sales Representatives, Startups, Recruiters to find the list of verified email addresses and other contact sources.

Basically, they provide a free plan for this tool with 100 drip campaigns and 50 monthly credits to the users to try out all the features. If you think that the free version of this tool is not suitable or compatible with your business needs, you can purchase a plan that best suits your needs.

Snovio email finder tool also functions as an independent email verification tool, creating an email address list that is reliable.


The price plan starts from $33 per month for 1000 credits to $482 per month for 1,00,000 credits.

A glance at Snovio’s price plans is listed below.

XS Forever Free) – 100 credits per month

S $19/Mo) – 1,000 credits per month

M $49/Mo) 5,000 credits per month

L $79/Mo) 25,000 credits per month

XL $139/Mo) 50,000 credits per month

You can find the plan on their website which best suits your business aims, after using the free plan of 100 credits per month.

A reasonable discount is available if you use SNOV Tokens Snovio’s cryptocurrency).

Features of Snov.io Email Finder

Here are some key features listed below:

1. Domain Search

Snovio helps you to find email addresses using the domain search option associated with a specific domain.

For finding a certain company’s email address list, you need to enter the company’s domain name in the domain search field and click on the search button

After the search is finished, it will show the company profile where you can find more details about the company. All email addresses will be shown below in a list.

2. Email Verifier

Snov.io Email Finder Tool helps you to compile a list of verified Email Addresses or you can upload your own list of emails in the server to verify it and clean emails.

The Email address verifier API of snovio can get installed straight into the user’s platform for integrated email validation at the time of registration or during the lead form signing up.

Snovio uses a thorough seven-tier verification process to verify an email address, which includes syntax and gibberish check, domain existence check, MX record check, SMTP authentication, Catch-All domain check, and Freemail check.

One email address verification costs half a credit per email found by snovio and the user will only be charged if the email found is valid and half a credit per mail for uploaded emails and here too user will only be charged for email addresses with valid or invalid status.

3. Email Tracker for Gmail

Using Snovio’s Email Tracking you can switch between your multiple Gmail accounts.

This feature lets you know what is happening with your email once you click on the send button. It provides real-time desktop notifications when someone clicks or opens links given in the email. And this feature is absolutely 100% free for now.

4. Company Search

Company profiles are found out using the specific search framework of The Company Search Tool in Snovio. With the help of this tool, users can get complete information about a company that includes their location, industry, employee number, year of foundation, etc.

You can easily find a bunch of email lists on company websites using their handy Snov.io Email Finder Chrome extension.

5. LinkedIn Page Automation

If you have Snovio. You don’t need to use LinkedIn anymore to collect a database. But still, you want to use LinkedIn with snovio then use a filter to find the list of your target employees.

To import a list of pages, just click on Snovio’s extension and then select all. After that, there is only one task that you have to do, just select the pages you want to import. Imported Data will provide you full information of emails with the LinkedIn profile.

6. Snov.io Email Finder Technology Checker

The Snovio Web Technology Checker is a Chrome extension that is used to detect the mechanisms that work behind websites as you browse. It also provides a service, which aggregates the websites listed by these technologies.

Their chrome extension provides you with the technologies that help to build a website or an app. To get further information about the website, the user will just have to activate the extension while visiting the website.

Customer Support

Snovio customer support is excellent. They provide 24*7 customer support. If you have any queries or any concerns about the snovio service you can reach out to them anytime.

Snovio appreciates its customer’s insight, feedback, and thoughts and tries to improve its service. Their main focus is to provide the best and reliable customer support so that they do not give you any chance to get frustrated while using their service.

Overall, their customer support is excellent in terms of customer handling behavior and customer query satisfaction.


Snovio is an incredibly helpful tool for all kinds of email outreach. It reduces the time taken to find a list of verified emails to mere seconds.

It starts with downloading their chrome extension and signing up for a suitable plan. All the plans are quite feasible and then there’s the free plan which is worth giving a shot.

Check out this post if you want to know how you can use this tool to do Email Marketing for your business

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