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SSD Dedicated Server vs HDD Dedicated Server

When it comes to hosting plans, SSD Dedicated server and HDD is a very important topic for those who are not aware. How SSD and HDD do affect your site? What is the right choice for your host server type? There are several factors that we need to consider while purchasing a hosting plan such as Security, Speed, Compatibility, and Cost.

And we need to keep these all factors in mind to go for the right choice of hosting plan whether it is SSD dedicated or HDD. When we purchase a hosting plan it is a kind of data storage space that is for our website. Where we store our site’s files and data. And this data is accessible from anywhere in the world through the internet.

But as technology is changing every day and we get something better than the previous one that offers better compatibility and flexibility. Same our data storage technology also changing time to time. And, now we have the two most used options for server data storage SDD and HHD.

Today we will discuss SSD Dedicated server and HDD in detail.

SSD  Dedicated Servers and HDD Dedicated server are two types of storage space available for our website’s data. Both types of storage are almost provided by every hosting seller and reseller.

SSD Dedicated Server vs HDD Dedicated Server

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What is SSD dedicated server?

A dedicated server SSD stores the data the same as HDD, but it has no moving parts to store that data.

SSD stands for a solid-state drive that is quite similar to a memory stick or flash drive that stores all the information in microchips. This is the reason it has read and write the data with greater efficiency.

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What is HDD dedicated server?

HDD stands for the hard disk drive, on the other hand, it has moving mechanical parts that require power. But it has mechanical limitations. HDD is made of a metal disk with a magnetic coating that stores your data.

In this, a reading arm hovers over the disk that stores the data, when the data is required.

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Difference between SSD dedicated server and HDD:

1. Speed and performance:

SSD dedicated server uses flash memory(microchip). It consists of individual memory cells to store data in form of bits. This increases the speed. HDD uses moving disks with heads that help to read and write the data. Because of using a moving disk, this makes it slow in the process.

2. Data security:

Data security is the main concern for every user, So in SSD dedicated servers, there are no moving mechanical parts. Hence chances of failure of this drive are very less. It increases data security. But in the case of HDD, there are moving parts and higher chances of parts failure which can lead to a security breach.

What data security Hostgator provides with its hosting plan read Hostgator review on it.

3. Power consumption:

The solid-state drive does not have moving parts, it only has chips that use less power. While in HDD there is a moving head and it’s a mechanical drive that uses more power. So SSD is a power-saving storage device. So most hosting sellers moving towards SSD with increasing some cost of hosting plan. HDD consumes 1.875 Watts/hour while SSD consumes 0.833 Watts/hour.

However, Hostgator still offers you a choice for it.

4. Cost:

If we talk about the cost of SDD, it is more expensive because it gives the best speed and performance. It is expensive because it uses costly chips to store data. It gives more space. While in HDD performance is less and space is also less. So the cost of HDD is also less

5. Reliability:

Both types of storage are reliable but still, SSD dedicated server is more reliable because it is smaller in size so there is less chance of breaking. And we do not need frequent repair. But in the case of HDD, it uses more moving parts and bigger in size as compared to SSD. It has a high chance of failure and needs frequent repairs. While for more data storage HDD is reliable.

6. Lifespan:

If we discuss the life of both storage devices. The SSD lifespan is more than the HDD. It is 10 years for SSD and 3-4 years for HDD.

7. Access time:

The access time of SSD is 0.1 ms while in HDD the access time is 6-12 ms. SSD is 5900% to 11900% faster than HDD storage.

We have discussed only those differences which matter for SSD dedicated server and HDD dedicated server. While you can read more differences between SSD and HDD storage from here

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