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Top 5 E-Commerce Website Builders in 2021

If you are running an online store or want to start selling online, the first thing you need is an e-commerce website builders.

But what is an e-commerce website builder and how does it help anyone to run a website?

Here is the answer, if you don’t have a technical background and want to start an e-commerce website from scratch, these website builders are the one who is going to help you with this. It will be much easier for you to build your website by using these website builders.

The tools these website builders are providing make it very easy to launch an e-commerce business by creating a website from zero levels.

So if you want to sell products and services on the web, you need to find an e-commerce website builder to build your e-store.

To make your task of finding these website builders easy we have shortlisted some of the best e-commerce website builders in 2021. In the following article, you are going to see the top 5 e-commerce website builders, you can choose one of them according to your preferences and requirements.

Before we get to know about our top 5 e-commerce website builders, first let me share with you my opinion regarding e-commerce.

What is E-commerce and What is an E-Commerce website?

E-commerce refers to buying and selling your products and items on an online platform. Especially by using an online medium, the internet for example.

However, any trade that is conducted through electronic measures is also supposed to be e-commerce.

Talking about an e-commerce website, it refers to a website which deals with various tasks regarding selling and purchasing any particular item and which makes your business possible and easy to handle.

What are the Benefits of E-Commerce?

The Internet has no limits; it can store a huge number of products. Unlike an offline store, there is no limit to what you can store on it, the variety and quantity are limitless. Also, you can target a large number of customers through your online store. You can also promote your website to increase your shop sales.

You don’t need to handle every customer and no need to explain to every customer regarding your product. It’s your one-time job to list and add descriptions related to your item, and that’s it.

Also, you can increase your sales using sponsored posts on your favorite social media platforms.

What is the purpose of e-commerce website builders?

An e-Commerce website builder is a fastest and easiest way to sell your products and items online. They include many features like a drag and drop page editor, using which you can create the whole website without writing a single line of code.

Also, they contain everything you need to easily manage your shipping, orders, selling, payment, and more.

So if you want to make your task of making an e-commerce website easy, you should check our list below. By reading this you will be able to easily shortlist the best out of five according to your requirements.

Let’s begin with the Top 5 E-Commerce Website Builders List.

1. Shopify

Shopify is the topmost e-commerce website builder available that provides services for small and large businesses. Initially, you start with a small business, and as your business starts growing and goes beyond a small business, you don’t need to change your platforms. You can upgrade to those suitable plans that you need for larger businesses.

It provides you several themes to fit all kinds of businesses. You can select a theme according to your requirement.

Also if you are having multiple devices you don’t need to switch your website to a mobile user. Shopify has a feature called responsive design, which ensures that your website adapts to whatever device your user is using.

It provides you 24/7 customer support to help you regarding your issues related to the website. You can reach them anytime you want.

Overall, this website builder is a great option if you are in search of a user-friendly and easy to develop one.

2. Wix


Wix is one of the best website builders available right now. With amazing features, this will turn a non-designer into a website-building professional.  Wix will provide you everything you need to start and launch your online store. Which includes a free domain name, a drag, and drop site editor, and several pre-made templates for a countless number of online stores you can comprehend.

And the best thing is you don’t need to charge any additional transaction fee,(apart from the standard payment processing fee).

The interface is user-friendly too, once you get to know this website builder, you can easily make changes, edit your website at your will, also you can add several products and can manage your orders with ease.

There are no limitations on the volume of products you can have on your e-commerce website. Through this web builder, you can make thousands and sell the number of products you wish to sell.

But you need to upgrade it at some point like as your store starts building you may need some extra storage space and some other features, to get those benefits you need to upgrade it.

3. Zyro

E-Commerce webmaster and eager to want a user-friendly platform for beginners so this web builder is definitely for you.

You can lay out your website the way you want by using their easy-to-use drag and drop option. This will make your website run faster than before.

In website building, this is known as “What you see is what you get” and turns your imagination into reality.

Using this builder you will be able to promote your products across websites like Amazon, Facebook and Instagram also.

You can select themes which suit your website from a huge number of themes available on Zyro.

And a powerful AI business makes Zyro a better place for webmasters. There are various AI tools like Business name generator, Slogan generator, Logo maker, AI content generator and AI heatmap, etc. available which help you to create your brand identity.

We suggest you go with Zyro when you are at the beginner level of e-commerce website building. The best part is its powerful AI business. Which is everything when compared to the other website builders.

4. Big commerce


Big-commerce is another leading website builder in the e-commerce world. It has been serving e-commerce websites in 100+ countries for the last several years.

The main advantage of this web builder is that it does not have any limitations over what your website can and can’t do.

This web builder is best for the wholesaler, mi channel sales, B2B sellers, and international e-commerce sites.

If you want to sell your products through other mediums BigCommerce will make it very easy for you. By using this web builder you can let your site build storefronts on other sites like Amazon and eBay. This will exponentially grow your business reach while maintaining the brand identity across various platforms.

BigCommerce will also help you to organize payments and shipping your articles. It’s generally an adaptable platform that makes it simple to build and regulate your site.

Overall, BigCommerce is my topmost recommendation for a large e-commerce website.  Also if you want to sell your products without any

constraints, this will be a top option to consider.

5. SquareSpace

Squarespace is another website builder that you can use to create any type of website.

But this website builder is specifically used for businesses.

Squarespace is a traditional choice for efficient professionals who want to showcase their portfolios and sell online.

It comes with many outstanding features like built-in tax tools, award-winning design templates, best digital content, gifts cards, and discount codes. Also, you get a secure checkout process from any device, 24/7 customer service.

If building a visually fascinating e-commerce website with remarkable designs is your top preference, Squarespace should be your priority.

So far we have covered the best e-commerce website builders in 2021. These were our top 5 recommendations for you to make your building an e-commerce website quite easy. By having one of them you don’t need to worry about building your website through coding. They contain tools that make your task easier. Also, give you the best outcomes as you have imagined about your website.

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