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Website migration: Points to be considered

When your website starts getting traffic and growing with speed every year. Then it is mandated at some points when you will need a website migration. While migrating to a new host certain things need to consider.

The website migration process can be complex for you if you do not prepare yourself for it. Site migration is when you are prepared for it with some points. First of all, you need to decide do you need to migrate to a new host or not? If there is no need then we will recommend you use your current host until you don’t get much traffic or it is needed.

Once you have a good reason for website migration you can go ahead. But before proceeding further let’s know what it is?

What is website migration?

Website migration is the process of changing the site’s host or technology. Simple updates are not migration. Migration means changing the website’s platform, content, structure, location, or design.

It is also the process of changing the URL from HTTP to HTTPS, but the main migration is moving to a new host. Sometimes it is a challenging process for most new users.


This article will help those users to migrate their websites to a new host.

There are several migration cases where migration might be needed. Below is the website migration checklist of a case where migration is needed:

  1. Moving to a new server 
  2. Changing the domain name
  3. Changing your site navigation 
  4. Moving from HTTP to HTTPS
  5. Changing URLs 
  6. Redesigning a site
  7. Migrating a part of a website 
  8. Moving to a new CMS or framework
  9. Adding a mobile version

Above are the points which show where migration is a need and why?

Now, this is the time to discuss the key points that need to be considered during the website migration to a new host. Below are the points:

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Choose Off-Peak hours:

In the list of key points, we have listed it as a first key point. Because the website is all about getting traffic and we do not want to lose this traffic for a single day. So, If we choose off-peak hours for website migration it will affect only minimal traffic.

Choose less busy period:

A less busy period means we should not migrate our site to a new host just before the holiday and on the day of the holiday as well. These days are considered as busy days so we should go for starting day of the week or the second day of the week for website migration.

Prepare for the risks in advance:

During the web migration, you can face some issues and it can lead to your data loss, traffic loss and also can affect your google ranking. So, prepare yourself and calculate all risk factors before migration.

Create a data backup:

Before migrating your website to a new host, take the backup of your important data and also create a backup of the whole website. It will help you if anything goes wrong with the website migration process. It also will help you restore your whole website.

Removal of broken links:

While you are migrating to a new host just before that do the audit for your website. If you find there any broken links or any other unwanted things you should remove them first.

Removal of broken links and unwanted things make sure your successful website migration.

Focus on URL structure:

After migrating to a new host you have to update your internal links because a new URL structure can affect your SEO activities. To protect your SEO activities you have to make sure the URL structure is correct for every link, also check there should not be many URL redirections to your website. Because too many redirections can slow down your website.

Setup robot.txt file:

Robots.txt is a file that tells any search engine to not crawl certain pages or sections of a page or site. It is a very important file that allows or blocks the search engine spiders to crawl your website content. This is a file that checks your SEO score and other things when a search engine crawls your website.

Below is the sample robot.txt file:

# Group 1
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /nogooglebot/
# Group 2
User-agent: *
Allow: /
Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml

So we have discussed how you can migrate your website to the new host and what are the points to be considered during this migration process.

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I hope it has cleared all the doubts about site migration. To get the latest article keep crawling our blog page. If you also want to know about Cloud hosting & Shared hosting you can go to our blog section, and for the latest articles subscribe to our newsletter.

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