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What is Server virtualization? Why it is important?

Server virtualization is not a new term in today’s time. For a very long time, we are using this technology. In this, each server instance represents a single isolated virtual machine. It is nothing, but it is creating multiple instances of a physical server.

Definition of Server virtualization:

In addition to the definition of Server virtualization, it divides a physical server into multiple server instances, which works as an individual and unique virtual machine. Each virtual server instance can run its operating system independently. It does not affect other server instances. In the next section, we will know the working of server virtualization.


How does server virtualization work?

First of all, to create server instances, we need one virtualization software. This required piece of software is called a hypervisor. The hypervisor’s primary role is to create a virtual layer to separate the processor, RAM, ROM. It separates other resources of the CPU for each server instance.

Second, after installing this piece of software on your host machine, you can create new virtual server instances on top of your physical device.

Server virtualization importance:

It has multiple vital benefits.

  • It is very efficient
  • Higher server ability
  • Reduce no. of physical servers needed
  • Eliminate server complexity
  • Reduce the cost of the server
  • Cheaper operating systems
  • Distributed workload
  • Increase application performance
  • Energy saving
  • Faster deployment

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Types of server virtualization:

Three types of techniques are there.

  1. Full Virtualization
  2. Para Virtualization
  3. OS level Virtualization
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It’s time to discuss each type of technique in depth.

Full Virtualization:

In full virtualization, a hypervisor provides a new machine that is completely isolated. It shares the hardware of the host machine and runs as a completely independent machine.
Even it does not know the roles of the hypervisor and works self-reliant and efficiently.

Para Virtualization:

In Paravirtualization, we do not need any virtualization software. We use OS default hypervisor and can install other OS on the same machine. In this, each virtual server is aware of one another.
For communication between hypervisor and OS, they use hypercalls. Paravirtualization is efficient where we do not need full virtualization.

OS Level Virtualization:

While OS level does not use any hypervisor to create any virtual machine. This single OS has multiple virtual servers, and a single user can use one virtual machine at a time. It uses a container to create a virtual server on a single OS.
In this host machine, kernel and OS is used by every virtual machine and are not efficient like Full and Paravirtualization.

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Apart from this the hypervisor also has two types, but we will not discuss them in detail. Our main concern was Server virtualization, and we have discussed it.
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